Friends Bearing Gifts

When it comes to quality of the friends and family in your life, you have more control than you might think. Have you ever received a gift from someone and you just knew deep down that it was not to be trusted? Maybe it was a friend or family member who just wanted something specific … Continue reading “Friends Bearing Gifts”

who am I

The Puzzle of “Who Am I?”

    While the puzzle of “who am I?” is yours to piece together, don’t be fooled by friends, family, tribes or even your own feelings. There is a truer source for your identity than any of those. His father told him he was a shepherd. And that had certainly become his reality…one in which … Continue reading “The Puzzle of “Who Am I?””

gun control protest

Who Will Teach Them to Listen Well?

We’ve taught the next generation to be advocates for important causes, but who will teach them to listen well? The last several days’ news of young people around the country advocating for different gun laws makes me proud, and maybe a little sad. Social media has taught them persuasive argument, a critical skill for advocacy. … Continue reading “Who Will Teach Them to Listen Well?”

hope out of rubble

Where is My Hope? Let Me Be Clear

Can’t we be good citizens without placing all our hope in political solutions? If you are my friend, won’t you let me be clear about where my hope really is? From time to time, we all get sucked into conversations of which we would rather not be a part. Maybe it is about politics, or … Continue reading “Where is My Hope? Let Me Be Clear”

blueprint design purpose

Helping Me Discern

What could be more encouraging than to help someone hear and understand God’s calling on their life, i.e., to help someone clearly discern and do exactly what they were created to do? As a mediator, I spend a great deal of my time sitting and listening to warring parties expressing their pain in, sometimes, pretty … Continue reading “Helping Me Discern”


Confession and the Importance of Being Right

Nothing says, “I value this relationship” quite like confession and surrender. We are living in a culture of advocacy and tribal contention. If watching the news or listening to talk radio or reading through your social media feeds makes you angry or frustrated, that is probably the reason. We are literally inundated with voices screaming … Continue reading “Confession and the Importance of Being Right”

forgiveness and love

Forgiveness as the Measure of Real Love

Nothing says “love” quite like forgiveness. I don’t think many of us in this culture are really struggling with whether love is a good thing. I think most of us know we should love others, even those with whom we disagree. But what we are struggling with is what, exactly, love looks like in certain … Continue reading “Forgiveness as the Measure of Real Love”

Listening is a Matter of the Heart

More times than not, our inability to converse in a healthy way has more to do with the condition of our heart than with the quickness of our mind. Genuine listening is a tremendous gift. I am worn out and worn down by the ugly, shrill voices filling social media channels today. Maybe you are … Continue reading “Listening is a Matter of the Heart”


Life Changing Encouragement

We each know pretty easily who the encouragers are in our life, and we can recall with ease the people who pat us on the back and say “well done” as well as the people who cheer us forward to bigger and greater things. We can recall them easily because we are drawn to them. All … Continue reading “Life Changing Encouragement”

cancer cells relationships

Relationships: the Cells of Life

  It is a simple rule: no matter the challenge, fixing the relationships is always part of the solution. My family has had our share of cancer over the years. Maybe yours has as well. It is an insidious disease, because it’s pathology happens at the cellular level…the very foundation for human life. It’s symptoms … Continue reading “Relationships: the Cells of Life”