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Important relationships that really matter. Our programs are built on Christian principles. But regardless of faith, those who want to repair or build enduring, hopeful relationships will benefit and are encouraged to join the Project.

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Five Conversations for Healthy Relationships

This ongoing program reaches into the lives of people with damaged relationships. In hosted group meetings, learn how to talk with others in important relationships about:

What’s Good

Two of the most loving and healing words you can say are “well done.” Learning to share positive thoughts is the first step toward building strong relationships.

What Could Be

Seeing a good and real path for someone, and then cheering them on is always helpful. Discussed in a positive, honest way, these conversations will make any relationship stronger.

What’s Hurt Them

When someone “blows up” at you, they have pain that has not been talked about. Finding the pain, talking about it, and saying, “I’m sorry, will you forgive me?” starts healing the relationship.

What’s Hurt Me

When you’ve been hurt in a relationship, you need to get the other person to talk with you about it. Saying “ouch” to them and discussing it, not letting the pain grow and cause more harm, is an important step towards healing.

Where Our Hope Is

Hope is a stronger motivator of people than even fear or love. The best and deepest relationships have conversations that find where each other’s hope is.

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Five Conversations: an overview

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About Us

One Another Project and Five Conversations for Healthy Relationships are developed and administered by Christian Unity Ministries, a 501c(3) tax-exempt, non-profit ministry, furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ by training and equipping the local church and Christian organizations in Biblical unity. Pilot funding has been generously provided by Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio.

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