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Our Vision for our Friends and Family is Way Too Small

    Encouraging the people in our lives to fulfill our vision for them is not doing them any favors. Do you know any true visionaries? They are few and far between in our world. It is an impressive gift to be able to see with clarity what could be and then know with certainty … Continue reading “Our Vision for our Friends and Family is Way Too Small”

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Purpose, Identity and Encouragement

    Real encouragement includes helping someone find their purpose in this world, i.e., helping them figure out what God created them to be and to do. Coffee cups come in all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, fat, skinny, plain or ornate. Some are fancy and expensive, some are common and inexpensive. For coffee drinkers, … Continue reading “Purpose, Identity and Encouragement”

My Hope is not in any “ism”

    Man-made ideologies always seem to break down at some point. But there are some eternal truths which have withstood the test of time. My hope is in those truths. I watched a movie with a small group of friends recently about the persecution of Christians in formerly communist Romania. It was heart wrenching. … Continue reading “My Hope is not in any “ism””

words of reconciliation

The Path Back to Relationship is Paved with Words

    Words can be cheap, for sure. But words spoken from the heart can also be unbelievably powerful, either to destroy relationships or to build them back up.  Remember this little ditty from your childhood? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Our parents and teachers told us … Continue reading “The Path Back to Relationship is Paved with Words”


Encouragement for a New Normal

    Real encouragement is much more than mere positivity. It is grounded in what is real. Sometimes that means helping us embrace what “good” looks like in a new normal. There are life events and circumstances that change our entire trajectory. Whatever our direction and goals were before, suddenly they must necessarily change. It … Continue reading “Encouragement for a New Normal”

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Using Our Voice for Good

    You can use your voice to point out the ignorance and foolishness of the person on the other side of the issue, or you can use your voice to build healthy, productive relationships to actually resolve the issue. But you cannot do both. I suppose it is misplaced hope on our part. Or … Continue reading “Using Our Voice for Good”

family forgiveness

A Cliffhanger: Where We Learn to Reconcile

    One of the most important skills we can demonstrate to the children in our lives is how to reconcile in a way that actually transforms a relationship. The number one indicator of how I am most likely to respond to conflict in my adult life is how I saw conflict responded to by … Continue reading “A Cliffhanger: Where We Learn to Reconcile”


Seek Relationships that Speak Truth into You

    In our current culture, people who speak the truth to us are hard to find. When you have an opportunity to deepen a relationship with a truth-teller in your life, take it! What we say to participants in One Another Project is, choose those relationships in your life that are important to you … Continue reading “Seek Relationships that Speak Truth into You”


Being the Voice of Peace

    In a divided culture of “us versus them”, being the friend who encourages reason and peace may be risky, but the rewards are enormous. I’m pretty confident that your Facebook feed of all your friends’ posts and comments doesn’t look all that different from mine. Aside from the occasional dog/cat video, much of … Continue reading “Being the Voice of Peace”

Friends Bearing Gifts

    When it comes to quality of the friends and family in your life, you have more control than you might think. Have you ever received a gift from someone and you just knew deep down that it was not to be trusted? Maybe it was a friend or family member who just wanted … Continue reading “Friends Bearing Gifts”